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  • The recent assessment report done by the Texas Rural Development Council asked citizens about the strengths of Brazoria. The first answer, time and again was, 'Our people, have a wonderful volunteer spirit, and an attitude to make great things happen.' The citizens of Brazoria are a driving force in the many and varied civic and church activities.

    Brazoria Lion's Club
    The Brazoria Lion’s Club provided the first street signs for the city. In keeping with their tradition of being a strong group, the Lion's provided the new Christmas street decorations. The Lion's Club is a great place to join in Brazoria.


    Brazoria Volunteer Fire Department
    The Brazoria Volunteer Fire Department protects our area and provides the best possible insurance ratings for the city. Marcus Rabren, Fire Chief, was named the Brazoria County Fireman of the Year in 2001. They welcome new members and offer the training needed to become a first rate fire fighter.


    Brazoria Heritage Foundation
    The 200th Anniversary of Texas will be March 2, 2036. Brazoria, Texas will be a tourist attraction for all people interested in Texas. On the 200th Anniversary Brazoria should be a thriving tourist Mecca, featuring the historical past. Walking Paths, parks and gardens, historic homes, recreation of historic buildings which can be used as shops, Jane Long's Inn, restaurants and, of course, the crown of Brazoria, the Brazoria Landing and Paddle Wheel Boat. The town could have a year long celebration of Texas with historic shopkeepers (in the historic district) dressed in period clothing, demonstrations and sale items featuring the history of Texas WITH PROSPERITY FOR ALL.



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    Brazoria Little League Association

    Brazoria Masonic Lodge

    Brazoria Soccer Association

    Brazoria Softball League (Girls)

    Friends of the River

    Knights of Columbus

    West Brazos Actors Guild of the Old School

    West Brazos Art League

    Boys & Girls Club Brazoria

    Boy Scouts

    Girl Scouts

    Youth Football

    Brazoria Historical Museum

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